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Wasteful government spending is something I hear over and over from the folks I serve. While individual legislators are one voice out of 253 on the big items, we should all lead by example. I don’t accept the unaccounted for taxpayer funded per diems – and most recently have introduced legislation that during a budget impasse halts the pay of legislators, cabinet secretaries, and the governor’s budget secretary, in addition to banning per diems and expense reimbursement.

The budget stalemate was disheartening and negatively impacted social services, 4H and extension programs, crisis centers, our schools, everything. People expect their government to function and it’s extremely frustrating for the public, as well as the legislature, to be stuck in gridlock. This is the result of divided government that has such a wide rift that it’s very difficult to get to an acceptable middle. It’s finally over, for this year. The good news is that the 2015-2016 final budget didn’t include a tax increase.

I will continue to fight against the Governor’s retroactive tax increase proposal and stand firm on protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, protect those without a voice, make sure our students have what they need to succeed, continue working to enact real pension reform and give Westmoreland County a permanent place at the table when it comes to the gaming revenues that a select few counties are now the recipients of.

Please consider giving me your support by writing my name in on the Democratic ballot on April 26. Click the link below, scroll down to second page, find your precinct and click the Democratic or Republican link to see your ballot.